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  • Is there a previous post that discusses your reasons for switching to Postgres from MySQL? edit: .... reasons for switching away from MySQL?

  • I think it should be just fine. It certainly beats the homebrew boards I have looked at in the past. (I wish there were more technical details about it's performance though...)
    I'm ordering one and going to give it a try with my homebuilt reef automation ;)

  • +1 on optout.
    Not a big fan of a very trackable MD5 of my email address floating all over the place.

  • What a bunch of sore losers.
    Maybe one of the folks complaining that they didn't get anything for FREE should put up $150k for everyone else to enjoy?
    Sparkfun does this to test the load capacity of their servers, IIRC, so if you aren't prepared to help them do so perhaps you should not engage in Free Day at all.
    I got nothing last year after trying during the whole giveaway.
    This year I walked away with $30 for an hour an a half of clicking 'reload' in between getting real work done.
    Thanks for being so generous, SparkFun!
    You have my continued patronage.

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