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  • improving the development of open-source CAD programs

    Please help the people at kicad, they have been doing some amazing work for the past few months and deserve all the help you can give then

  • Demonstration of a T-1000 field repairing another

  • well when computers fail people tend to notice and complaint and there is a change that bugs get fixed, more often people fail and the IT guys may or not notice (It wasn't me mentality), and then someone makes a decision to use a db field for something it wasn't designed for or purposely miss classifies a item so the profits go to a certain department and causes a LOT of problems with some programs "suddenly" miss behaving, but that may just be me complaining again that the most sold CD in the store is actually a bag and that it messed up our sync system and top sold lists (somehow apparently is my fault). But more on topic, I definitely need to see more of these clips as there is always something new to learn in each one.

  • I seriously don't like these comments, most of them are negative over the whole ID chip or cloud and future costs, some are questions about functionality and limitations. And what worries me is that the very few positive comments seem to be from new "costumers" that didn't even care to choose a user name.

    Now I really love these comment sections and the forum, we have an amazing community with some very smart people that give away their time to bring us good information and insights into the products, even other "competing" companies comment here in a transparent way from time to time.

    As such I request our Sparkfun overlords ;) to check these comments to see if there is any foul play.

  • Jesus... those pictures were awful but seeing the other pictures in the thread... those poor pcbs and components will never work the man is using FREAKING HUGE amounts of solder paste, in some pictures you can see mounting holes filled with the stuff, people have been posting videos of "proper" home smd re-flowing but the man just keeps using more paste on a component than I have spent on a small production batch and that is not an exaggeration of you see the pics. Best luck to the ones who spent money on the kickstarter, at least the guy still hasn't given-up.

  • Had a similar setup on my router except that I also made the control program log the date/time of the downtime it helped me get out of a contract with a ISP, the routers they issued to costumers would just lock at peak hours and had to be power cycled to try to get a new connection.

  • After reading that I couldn't resist

  • A merry Christmas to the sparkfun team and community may we create many sparks (in the right places :P ) in the new year

  • Please on a future board revision move the JST a little bit back so it is possible to put the board on a case with the usb acessible and keep the JST hidden, as it is the cable for the battery is bent on a angle that may damage it

  • check

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