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  • Thanks for a the great idea and details Byron! SparkFun, this does not let you off the hook for a turn-key product...

  • Would you guys consider making a version that could select between momentary or toggle output modes please? I'd love to see this available, Thanks!

  • Yes, should hold true... EL is EL, no matter what the form it comes in. It would to nice to have surface area specs of wire vs sheet so you could mix and match the inverters from one EL form to another more easily...

  • The EL Sequencer is a very cool product, I'd love to see more like it! Maybe more channels could be added to a beefier version too.

    I was thinking of the Sequencer being used with ElastoLite when I asked about how much area your existing inverters would drive... that's what was behind the question.

  • Any plans to add more OEM style inverters for more permanent and non-portable installations?

    How about adding an area dimension for what your existing inverters will drive, so they might be used with the flat EL products? I don't see this information in the data sheets.

  • Great to see more EL products added to the lineup... you could never have too many!!

  • That makes more sense, thanks very much.

  • Is the Elastolite logo intended as removable from this product line? That is to say, is it possible to have/use a blank elastolite panel? Thanks.

  • Hi MP3 Trigger Group,
    I just purchased a couple of units and thought I'd relay my initial experience in getting them running. I formatted a new microSD card to FAT16 to be sure it was correct and copied an mp3 file from a CD, renamed it and stripped away the additional file details of artist and style, per the manual. The MP3 Trigger recognized the file, three green blinks at power-up, all looked good. When asked to playing the file however, the output was really garbled and choppy. Being new to the device, I figured the fault was mine and that turned out to be right. What I missed is that the mp3 file I used had been recorded at a rate of 320Kbps and the MP3 Trigger supports a rate of up to 192 Kbps. I pulled the file into an audo recording/editing program called "Mixcraft" (highly recommended by the way, inexpensive/powerful) and saved it at the lower bit rate of 192 Kbps. Now the file plays just fine.
    The MP3 Trigger looks like a great product. I pass on my first rookie mistake in hopes that it will help someone else getting started.
    Thanks for the fun,

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