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  • I'd get one of these, but:
    1) Site offline? Can't compile.
    2) No net access? Can't compile.
    3) Want to keep source code private? Can't compile.
    This is not the way to do things. Other microcontroller boards have local compilation environments, so why not this one?

  • I've gotten one of these and it's great to have 8 KB RAM available. Well, a bit less that 8 KB if the Arduino IDE has loaded the default libraries including the HardwaareSerial library that eats over half a kilobyte all by itself.
    Note that the Mega is not completely shield compatible with the Duemilanove; the SPI pins have been moved in the Mega.
    It looks like the Mega's onboard power regulation circuitry is the same as that of the Duemilanove, so be careful if you're expecting the same current output per pin if you've got a whole lot more pins active.

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