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  • I've ordered this for 50 Channel GP-635T GPS Receiver (GPS-11571) with Interface Cable for EM401 and EM406 - 1 Foot (GPS-09123) to do some bench testing. The only pin for the GPS receiver it doesn't carry through is the battery backup (pin 5) which is tied to GND. The only other comment is the breakout board Tx/Rx pins are marked for the uC. In other words, you'd hook your Arduino to Tx to this boards Tx and the Arduino Rx to this boards Rx. They are set up correctly on the GPS board above.

  • Is the picture wrong on these? The connector doesn't look like what the GS407 BOB (BOB 10496) connector shows. The datasheet on the BOB page shows the GS407 with what looks like the proper connector for this board though. Sort of confusing.

  • Wow! That was interesting.
    I knew it might be tough to get in, but not that bad.
    You know what might be neat next time (there will be a next time, right!?! :) ) is a Free Day week where you're randomly selected throughout the week for various discounts and give aways. Raises awareness, let's people buy but spreads the traffic out a bit.
    Thanks guys for sponsoring this.
    Wonder who won the side bet?

  • Got a few questions:
    1. Has anyone successfully integrated this with an iPhone? Just got my BlueSmirf module today and found out it can't be used on the iPhone. :( Looking for another way to integrate the devices (iPhone with what I'm building)
    2. I'm thinking of including a Zigbee module on the same board for a sensor mesh network. Any conflicts with the wireless frequencies?


MCG 8 items

Some of the basic parts to build a turtlebot prototype.