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  • Has anyone had trouble using the SparkFun 12v wall adapter to power this? The adapter should be able to source 600ma, and according to my ammeter, it's only drawing 110ma. Still, the audio quality goes to crap whenever I hook it up to this power supply. I have two of the wall adapters, so I think it's unlikely the the problem is there. I'm wondering if maybe the amplifier has spiky draw, and the little wall transformer can respond quickly enough.

  • What's with the buttons along the right side? They look like little anchor points for tethers. The white one does not have these, and I don't see them on the metawatch website. It's not a big deal really; it's just an odd discrepancy. Is this perhaps an earlier rev of the hardware?

  • Yeah, these are not great components. As below, the screws don't thread cleanly making for a sloppy fit. That said, they're ridiculously cheap, so I'm not sure I should have expected better.

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