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    NOTE: I recently discovered that SIM only works on older Nexus 5. On newer versions it won't work.

    I am using this in a Nexus 5 (unlocked phone running Lolipop) and it was unbelievably easy to get it setup and running. Here is a brief summary for anyone else who wants to try it:

    • Since the Nexus 5 uses a micro SIM and this is a standard SIM, the first step is to cut it to size. Search online for a "micro SIM template", print it out at 1:1 scale then cut the SIM to size.
    • Install the SIM into the phone. The phone will recognize that a new SIM has been installed and prompt you to restart. After the restart, your T-Mobile connection will be established. The phone connects automatically for the following APN: T-Mobile GPRS: fast.t-mobile.com. Since GPRS is 2G or 3G, maybe this is for data beyond the 1M limit???

    For reference, I am in NYC where cellular service is great. There are no problems connecting with LTE (the LTE icon is alway on next to the cellular signal strength icon). Here are results running the Ookla speed test. Ping: 38ms Download: 36.06Mbps Upload: 11.32Mbps

    I am using Google Hangouts for text and voice.

  • If you google "EMC Test Lab" you should be able to find something in your area. There are many in California. www.Intertek.com is one of the larger labs that handle all kinds of certification testing including EMC/FCC testing and they are international. Also, if you are making a product and selling it in both Europe and the US, there is a European standard similar to FCC Part 15, which I believe is EN55013 and it is a stricter standard.

  • Is there a way to trigger multiple MP3 tracks and have them played back over each other?

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