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  • Dangit!

  • Would this function as a vacuum gauge? I need to get fairly precise (under 5PSI) and having it be digital would be fantastic.

  • What would be a good power supply to use with these? I assume that the requirements for current will be significant, and not just any power supply will make the cut.

  • That is a good price on these units!

  • In the video, the showed how easy it was to solder these down to a board, or even a perfboard and it seemed fairly sturdy. Also, as a kid, these things were typically shoved into cardboard--something not exactly known for strength.

  • Most laptops have a crappy patch/fractal antenna behind the LCD. This sucks for two reasons. 1. The antenna wire is LONG and the signals degrade unless you have high quality shielding. and 2. They use the thinnest wire with the worst shielding ever. Honestly I am amazed that WiFi works at all... Your antenna wire looks LIGHT YEARS ahead of the thin stuff that Apple used. I would not be suprised if the wire helped more to boost the signal than the external antenna did.

    Good looking Mod though. Now, be a good boy and mod the other side in so you can have the diversity antennas again.

  • I did this with a smaller N type battery and holder I had from... God knows where. The N battery fits right on the top where the thumbscrew goes which I lost ages ago. I remove one side when it goes on the pegboard. I don't think I ever replaced the battery since I did it. It has been at least a year.

  • A 2.4GHz TX/RX package on another hobby website is ~$25. You don't need anything else to get wireless in to your project. I'm going to figure that the cost of two xbee's is going to be more than that, but I am not even going to check I am that confident.

    XB has its uses, but for super-simple and cheap wireless control (not for getting any data back) you absolutely cannot beat hobby TX/RX for price and range.

  • I think that everybody did the right thing in this instance.

    The police were perusing all leads to find out what was going on--and when a logo is stamped on something, it makes sense to go and investigate who was sold that item. If it was a custom made knife that only one place in the city makes then you would expect them to go in there and get the records of who bought that knife. You guys have been copied by China before, sure--even your logo on occasion. But that was clearly your bright red board and logo, and I don't think chinese cloners would go that far...

    And SF did good by not just handing out customer data willy-nilly to any badge that happens to ask for it. And then they worked with them to give them only RELEVANT data which I am sure actually helped the investigation by not adding noise into the investigation. After all, all evidence has to be ruled out and by not providing them any evidence that clearly has no chance of even being useful... Big timesaver.

    BRAVO ALL AROUND! Lets hope that we can catch the guy, but if not we should move to two-factor authentication for our credit transactions and not just having a card present and knowing the PIN... but maybe having a smart chip on the card with some encryption software run on it as well?

  • How about instead of conductive paint, you use 30GA wire wrap wire? You can paint it under with reasonable effort (two coats for me) and to keep it in place, just use a little dot of paint and hit it with a heatgun for a second to tack it in place.
    You could easily do the 4 wires that a BLINKM mini requires, and then you would have a RGB LED wall art that you could control from a Arduino/whatever.

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