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Lego Mindstorms NXT, PICAXE micros and soccer.

  • I would second the usefulness of ham radio in this endeavour. With the right license and equipment the HF/MF/LF bands are accessible, and could give you the ultra-long wave communications that are so useful in submarine communications. See some interesting links below.

    http://www.arrl.org/radio-amateurs-and-america-s-secret-submarine https://sites.google.com/site/somaliaamateurradio/somaliaphotos27

  • You can find some good quality mini USB WiFi adapters for ~$15 on Amazon. If you want to get one with an external antenna (much greater range and speeds) they aren't much more.

  • As it says in the description, you can drive two 3 m lengths at once. There might be a slight decrease in brightness per 3 m strand but it wouldn't be very noticeable if it existed at all.

  • COM-10201 is practically this product without the battery holder, for twice the price. I'm not sure if COM-10201 is more robust/higher quality than this product, thus the increase in price, or if that's just how things are. This product is probably easier to use right out of the box as well, as you don't need to worry about rewiring the connectors or creating F-F adapters.

  • Taking the numbers from above (single 3 m strand draws ~190-260 mA), a rough average of ~2000 mA available for use from alkaline AA cells, and ~2700 mA for lithium AA cells, you get 10.5 - 7.69 hrs of use for alkaline cells and 14.2 - 10.4 hrs of use for lithium cells. This should be more than enough for portable projects, if not you could theoretically attach the 6 Ah battery pack from SparkFun for up to 35 hours of battery life time!

  • Chill! There's this thing called irony, I suggest you look it up. And (I might be wrong) I think Mupeg was referring more to the reputation HDMI cables have than to their actual price.

  • I would willing bike the 4,000+ km to Boulder just to say that I took advantage of the bicycle discount.

  • This is my favourite example of a glider descending from a balloon. http://www.canuck-boffin.net/sonde/

  • Is it just me or was the price on this originally $12 US. I thought that it was an awesome deal, but now I see the price is $20 US. Am I seeing things?

  • Looks like SparkFun has finally scraped together the funds to get a new quarter!