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  • Can you make a version of this as a shield for a regular Arduino? that would be amazing!

  • 3rd! Is there an easy way for a user to mod this board to get access to those pins, and if not, does anyone know of a shield for the L298 that breaks out the current sense pins? I know the monster version does but not sure I can handle the price difference when there are a lot of other features in that I don't need or want.

  • Thanks! I'll have to translate things from UAVs into my biomechanics world, but it looks like most of the work is already done.

  • I used these motors in a drawing machine installation we called SADbot: the Seasonally Affected Drawing robot. Check out the Instructable here: http://www.instructables.com/id/SADbot-the-Seasonally-Affected-Drawing-robot/
    Did anyone else have problems with these burning out after a while? We had the installation on daily for about 6 hours, and over the course of about a month and a half had to replace 2 or 3 of them. A few students of mine used them as well and they burnt out after much less usage.

  • Great guide! Do you have any preferred references for using the raw data from the accelerometers and gyros (and magnetometers) to get position, velocity, and orientation? I'm guessing the DIY Drones community might have some of this done already? I have a commercial IMU unit I can get the raw data from, but their calculations are "proprietary" - I'm thinking of scrapping that and starting with one of these!

  • Sounds like a great way to roll Instructables and Thingiverse's inventory feature into one extremely useful, modular collection. Great idea! I just registered to help out.