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  • 10 am, but what time zone are you in?

  • The basic example code compiles and works fine, but when I try the "Phant" code, to send weather data up to the cloud, there are multiple library compile-time errors and warnings. I've tried with both the "Build" and "Dev" IDE's, and the same errors reoccur. Am I doing something wrong? Either I've missed something, or perhaps the libraries may have changed since the time the tutorial was written? I grabbed them all from the Github repository.

    For the record, I'm using a Core with both the deep_update and cc3000 firmware upgrades installed.

  • What about the software needed to remotely query the results? The Github code lists the chip firmware, but that's not going to work very well on my iPhone ;)

  • I had several more correct quiz answers than I was credited for. The server refused to credit me for them, then crashed almost as bad as last year. Still, I made $24, so thank you for that.

  • I have one of these, and it works well. But I did not know you could field-upgrade the firmware. Does anyone have a link for doing this?

  • The original model of this OScope had a totally wrong charger for the supplied LiPo battery type (+5 volts, a small resistor, and nothing else). Do you know if that has been corrected with this version?

  • As Bullwinkle used to say "This time, for sure!"<br />
    <br />
    My entire office spent hours banging on the SparkFun site. Every single tech I knew, everywhere, declared an "Internet Snow Day" and either stayed home, or "worked from their desk", usually with their office door closed.<br />
    When the $100,000 limit was finally reached, you could hear the anguished shouts of "Nooooooooo!" echoing down the hallway. <br />
    <br />
    Hope I didn't scare anyone!<br />

  • I want one!
    ~$450 in parts.

  • The university I work for does this, on a somewhat limited basis. Several of their treadmills have been modified. The rear roller has a PTO which is hooked to a generator. The user then generates the overhead lighting for their workout by, well, working out!

  • RWizard: Without safety glasses, there's the possibility, however slim, that it might happen. With the safety glasses on, it reduces that possibility to zero.
    Due to a genetic situation, I only have one eye that is functional Let me tell you, having no depth perception is so not fun!
    Please, I don't want to see anyone wind up viewing the world the way I see it.
    A $8 investment to save your vision? You'd spend more than that in two days at StarBucks.
    Aside: Hanging on my eye doctor's wall is a pair of safety goggles, with a steel screw embedded in the middle of the right lens. His neighbor was out weed-whacking, and the edger kicked up the screw. Without the goggles, he would have been blinded, or worse.
    Are glasses clunky, dumb looking and uncomfortable? Sure. But let me assure you, being blind in one eye is worse.

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