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  • The whole F5 key thing is actually quite sad.
    Lots of people pressing F5 which is the exact WRONG thing to do to get to the next page. F5 reloads the current page, not the next page that you want to get to.
    The correct approach, used by the people who actually got free stuff, was to click the relevant button for getting to the next page, eg cart/checkout.
    95% of the time it wouldn't load. So you had to click the browser 'stop' button and click the cart/checkout button again and keep repeating that many times until you got to the next page. Then you could move on doing the same with the next page until you finally finished the order.
    F5 was only useful at the very start for getting the sparkfun main page to load. Once you got it loaded ya never needed to press F5 again, you just kept pressing the button to get to the next step.

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