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  • spark?!... so unfair Rob can make a machine that says sh it, but i cant post it.

  • Amazing!. so beautiful and interesting.
    ingenuity is about creativity, not technicality.
    so you all square tech heads, DONT DISS THIS NICE spark ROLF

  • the real mystery to me would be when the hell will the real ones be available.

  • -"Even if you want to it just for fun."-
    i think no one who wants to want to develop serious products would use a impaired devel board.
    -"Then spend your fun time making some amazing product instead of trying to understand how SD or USB works. This is my opinion"-
    true, but the problem is... it's not really that easy. im sure you wouldn't have to worry about how usb/sd/... works, but one would probably spend the same or more time trying to understand how does the IDE works, and what libraries to use... and how to make them behave the way you want them to...
    I'm really sorry man I truly feel kind of sad about it, but it seems to me that you spent 3 years developing a devel board that doesn't appeal to the real needs of newcomers nor professionals.
    my advice is that you stop trying to force on your customers what you think they need, and start listening to what they've said they like/dont like/need.

  • My pc have lots of I/Os, if yours don't have any you're probably sitting in front of a chunk of steel.

  • couldn't agree more!. at first glance the board seems really awesome, but then you realize it's really dull.
    HUGE ARM processor!... but you only get like 20 pins...
    FREAKING EAZY!!!!111one!!111!1oneoneone1!!!... but not really... i can make a 555 led blinker in my protoboard faster than it took the video to explain how to blink a led. By the way, having to use 99999999x libraries and weird non logical calls/functions TO BLINK A LED is so ridiculous i cant explain.
    also, nice one GHIFEZSupport, next time why don't you try to be a bit more respectful with your customers/partners.
    Wouldn't use one of this even if someone gave it to me for free.

  • I've had some bad experiences with Chinese electronics dealers myself.
    the worst part is that it's really a shame that china is getting to be known as a really untrustworthy place to deal electronics directly.
    I've had to tell many friends to skip on any direct dealing with china unless they have a way to check and double check the reputation of the dealer, and even then I would try to get another deal somewhere else. one time a known good rep. dealer actually sold thousands of counterfeit SDHC cards to then declare bankruptcy and disappear.

  • When will the GOOD TFQP be restocked?? i been waiting for those a loooong time ;___________;

  • You can't. unless you come up with a miraculous way to make arduino act as a USB host... and then make it talk to the dongle... and then some.
    the cheapest way to get arduino talking over bluetooth is to use the Blue Smirf module =)

  • NICE!, thanks a lot!
    I was struggling to make up my mind on which protocol to use for my project

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