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  • Thanks, Tim!

  • Thanks for the info!<br />
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    Then I’m curious to know how well solar charging works, and its safety. That is… I understand that LiPoly chargers like this one work by measuring the voltage coming out of the battery and then running through a cycle of putting the appropriate amount of power back in, eventually decreasing it to a tiny amount when the cell is putting out its max voltage. But if you’re using a small solar cell that dips below 3.7V whenever the sun goes behind a cloud, and if it were to do so fifty times a day, is there any chance that this would trick the charger into going through fifty cycles and overcharging the battery?<br />
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    I’m guessing there’s no chance of that, but it seemed worth asking. I’m thinking of building a setup like yours, leaving it out all the time, and using it to for all my power while on an extremely long bicycle trip. (So I also figure I should make a habit of disconnecting the solar and running the battery all the way down every once in a while to preserve its capacity?)<br />
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    Any experience or advice would be much appreciated.

  • This is version 2, it looks like. When do you suppose you’ll have the new v3?

  • Pardon if this is a dumb question - but suppose I put two 3.7V cells (of the same mAh) in series, keep them permanently connected to this thing, and charge and discharge them as if they were one 8.4V cell. I can get away with that, right? I’m not asking to catch on fire?

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