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  • You can’t directly attach the camera to USB, so you’ll definitely need some kind of processor to wrangle the data from the camera into a serial form. The most direct approach is to use a beefy micro (say 80Mhz or faster) and catch the byte interrupts from the camera.

    However, if you’re comfortable with some assembly you can actually capture images from the camera using a plain ol' 8 bit AVR like the 8535. I started with this, and ended up using an AVR XMega so I could stay above the minimum clock of the camera.

    I describe the approach I used for my Arduino shield over in the forum:


    I don’t want to give the impression that it’s easy, just that it’s possible, if you’re a programmer and interested in a good challenge. A logic analyzer is also pretty much essential. I used the Logic 16 here on SparkFun and it worked great for this.

    To get the data over USB you could use a micro with built-in USB, or transmit via serial to a USB module like the FTDI basic. Getting video is more work, and for that you’d likely want that beefy micro or an FPGA.

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