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Audio/Electrical Engineering, bass guitar, music in general

  • 1.) Hang a little box with a speaker in an elevator. When you detect someone getting on the elevator (or the elevator stopping at a floor) have the speaker play a random related file from Portal's GlaDOS.

    Example: (Person breaks infrared beam or accelerometer delta indicates a floor arrival) the speaker plays "Hello, and welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center," the next floor it says "Welcome to test chamber four." Have it pick a random file from an attached SD card every time a floor event occurs.

    GlaDOS's Wav files from the game can be found here: http://theportalwiki.com/wiki/GLaDOS_voice_lines

    I started playing around with this and have random sound files playing from an SD, a small speaker+amplifier set-up, the problem is I need a reliable way to determine we've hit a floor/ had a door event and have just plum run out of time. There are any number of accessible parts of an elevator that act like a soundboard, pick your choice of temporary mounting.

    2.) Modulate whispers/audio onto a hyper-sonic carrier, rig up the speaker on one of those countless visual tracking systems to prank people that walk through various areas of the building. prerecord audio or hook up a mic and give your coworkers the heebeejeebees. When the hyper-sonic wave hits a dense medium it demodulates the carrier and the object acts as the "source" of the sound. Anyone nearby will think the sound originates from the person acting as the demodulator, and the demodulator will think the sound is coming from their own head.

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