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  • Nice thing is, if one of those parts breaks (I have a TAZ4 - only part I've had break was my own fault), you can just print up another one.

    There's only a couple of 3d printed parts on the TAZ4 that I can think of that are truly printer-breaking - the two extruder drive gears, and the X-axis smooth rod/stepper holders. That x-axis part is solid as hell, you're only going to break it if you drop your printer (and you have bigger problems if that happens). The gears... just print a couple extra first thing and you're fine. When one of my extruder gears 'broke' (some of the teeth came off) it still worked quite well enough for me to print a replacement one.

  • Gasp! Why are there no comments for this wonderful product. I've been using the Teensy ++ 2.0 on numerous things, but hands down the BIGGEST, MOST IMPORTANT THING: This board will, when you install the Teensyduino IDE, give you the option of appearing to your computer as a CLASS-COMPLIANT MIDI DEVICE. So, no more messing with DIN sockets/cables, or serial communication into MaxMSP, or whatever else you've been doing to get your sensor input into Ableton Live or any other DAW - just go straight in via the Teensy-as-MIDI, no drivers necessary.

    Oh, and it's bi-directional, of course. Want to link your Ableton Live set's tempo/MIDI Clock to that giant LED wall you've been building, or use Pro Tools to sequence a bunch of servos that smack hanging bags of cereal? Get a Teensy!

  • From what I can tell from some experimenting, this knob does not work with the touch sensing abilities of the motorized fader it is recommended for!

  • Annoyingly, it seems that the knobs listed as the recommended knob for this fader are not conductive at all - when trying to do touch sensing through them, there's not nearly enough sensitivity through the knob.