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  • Backbone is one word, not two... :)

  • Bought three of them, and one had a couple of long scratches along the length. Not usable in sleeve bearings. Not the best quality-- I thought these were the nice precision ones made by Actobotics, since Sparkfun carries that line, but they appear to not be.

  • This is a good kid who mistakenly mounted his clock in a briefcase. Why not set up a donation page to send him an inventor's kit, or just send him a Sparkfun gift card. From the looks of the pics, he needs the tools :)

  • Someone complains that it does not work here, and your communications person acknowledges it.

    https://twitter.com/uptownmaker/status/330768537348108288 Why sell it if it does not work? Sparkfun is excellent, so why water down your rep with known defective products?

  • I bought two... neither one works, out of the package, on the mini-usb port of my Canon 5D MK2 camera. A straight cable works fine.

  • PS: putting epoxy on the back of the board is not going to help- there's only a few mm of the connector there. It has to go near the SMT pads.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I tend to think it is a mechanical design problem rather than a manufacturing error, as it came off too easily both times. All that is holding the current connector on there is six small smt solder pads, and two black dots of plastic (about 1mm in diameter) on the bottom of it. Give it a yank, and it comes off, taking the traces with it.

    There are lots of epozy-type SMT adhesives around, why don't you investigate them? The mechanical reliability of this connector doesn't match the usual Sparkfun quality.

  • If you get one of these, as I did, I suggest you put a drop or two of epoxy on the back side of the FTDI pins for programming (i.e. the 6 gold pins with .100" spacing).

    One little tug of your programming adapter, and that connector comes right off the board as it is only surface mount soldered and there is no strong mechanical connection to hold it on.

    This happened three times before I finally resoldered it and put the epoxy on it. Sparkfun: this should really be a through-hole connector, or glued on with epoxy, post soldering!

  • The link on the product page tot he "updated code" doesn't help much since it is only for the ITG-3200.

    Searching around, I found that some folks over in Berlin ( the "Quality and Usability lab at Deutsche Telekom AG"!) have released a newer code base as a complete package that uses the ITG-3200.

    It works beautifully. Maybe Sparkfun could link it above? https://dev.qu.tu-berlin.de/projects/sf-razor-9dof-ahrs/files

  • IS there a mating connector for the port pins that could be used on a shield? By this I mean a surface-mount connector that would go on a shield board and plug into his board. I did some research on JST's web site but cannot seem to find one.

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