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  • How fast can one pump out data to a shift register before it would become noticeable?

    For example, a LED cube. If you wired together a few registers how many pins or LEDs could you control before you could see the animation time of said cube diminishing? If you take into account we are not using any charlieplexing.

    EDIT: Forgot to add, with an Arduino.

  • Did you really think you could post two, albeit awesome videos and we wouldn't notice that there wasn't a new product video? You really think you could pull your beard over our eyes Robert?

  • So what you're saying is we can count on SparkFun?

  • Stand back! I'm going to attempt science!

  • Not sure whose manly laugh that was at the end there... But overall great videos.

    I hope all of SparkFun (including family) is safe and sound.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! What happens when you touch the pad!

  • "And this concludes why I believe we should have SparkFun uniforms."

  • I can confirm this, first thing I did was take apart my old HDD.

  • I tried the triangle bits on a DS and the bits where to large.
    I do not own a nunchuck to test, but if you own a DS to do a size comparison... The bit seems JUUUUUST to big.
    EDIT: taking a look at the sizes, I think what you need would be a triangle bit size 1.0 the smallest this set carries is a 2.0

  • Now for ten dollars you can't really go wrong... But A few things I think should be noted.
    The actual screwdriver (not the bits) is hollow and does not really have a solid way of blocking bits from going inside.
    So unless you tighten the hell out of the screw-to-tighten bit holding device... The bits shoot up into the handle when you apply very slight pressure.
    The bendable extension is rather cheap, the rubber has slid up which as caused it to go from a smooth twist motion to a springing action. (think rubber band twisting)
    I plan on fixing/hacking the screwdriver by first putting in a bit, then pushing sugru into the top of the handle.
    Another side note is the plastic twist comes off if you pull on it. Not really a bad think just thought I would point out how I am going to put sugru down the handle.