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Member Since: December 17, 2009

Country: United States

  • What is the drain for this unit?

    More specifically, can I use this inductive charging system to power the IMU? I only need to power the IMU for 30 mins.


    If you know of a better inductive charging kit, let me know!

  • I may be missing something, but where does it mention the resolution (sensitivity) of the accelerometer in Gs.

    It says 8mV/g and range from -250 to 250g.

    But it goes to 5V... 5/.008=625g or -312.5 to 312.5g

    regardless it seems like the sensitivity is about 1g. That seems very low. Is this right?

  • I should note that I bought the IMU 1 year ago. Not sure if that matters

  • I updated the firmware, so that I could get the IMU to work with an xbee.
    Well...it worked on my serial port before the update. It would initialize, give me the menu, and the data made sense.
    Now it does this through my serial port:
    (I tried firmware 1.1 and 1.0)

  • Python GUI:

  • I'm trying to log the 9 dofs with the Openlog. The Openlog doesn't have the option of 38400 baud rate. So I have to change the Razor imu to 57600. How do I do that?
    ...I have no experience with arduinos.

  • I think...
    whatever the range is 0-360deg or 0-16g, it is broken into 1024 steps if the signal has 10 bits resolution (2^10). A lot of these low-end IMUs only have 8 bits resolution so the reading is always between 0 and 256 (2^8). Then you have to convert that into something with physical meaning like Gs or degrees or degrees/s.
    ...i think

  • It seems like this does everything that the 6DOF Atomic IMU does and more.
    I guess in terms of accelerometers this 9DOF samples at 100HZ and the 6DOF Atomic IMU samples at 150HZ.
    Am I missing something? They are the same price, what advantage would there be to buying the 6DOF Atomic IMU.

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