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  • Can it handle the output from a 12V car battery or 7Ahr Battery?

  • Please a header pins with jumpers between the battery connector and the sheild circuit? I would buy more if you add this. I would like the ability to turn off power from the battery using a non physical contact reed switch circuit. This would allow one to turn on power or kill power to the Arduino project and prevent the battery from draining to low. See the following link for an example I have running. I have another version that uses 2 reed switches. The second one allows you to tell Arduino to kill the power from the battery.

  • See I told you it would work, cow's can fly!

  • New to Arduino
    How do I compile and upload the firmware?
    I do not see a pde file in the zip file.
    I also tried installing it as a library in the arduino ide with no luck. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • I have read most of the posts here and still have the following 2 questions:
    1) where can I get the code (pde) that was shipped with the 9 ODF Razor board (just bought it a few days ago)?
    I want to be able to restore the board to it's orginal state so I can grab the raw values just like it was sent when I'm done for my next project.
    2)I get the following values
    What do the values in position 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 relate to? (ex which one is speed, heading, pitch, yaw, roll, g's etc)
    Thanks for any help you can provide

  • 12:11pm central time tried since it opened and could not even get the 10 bucks and check out. Have an item in my cart but kepted getting a server refuse error.
    This was on a t3 line from work. not good

  • Could someone help me to get the eZ430-Chronos wireless watch to talk to my Arduino board wirelessly?<br />

  • Finally got it to work with RealTerm. There was a issue with the FTDI cable I was using. still getting the following text at the end of each line
    Any ideas on how to configure the modem to get rid of this text at the end of each line?

  • I to recieved the LS23060 GPS instead of the LS20031 GPS 5Hz Receiver I ordered. I need the 3.3V TTL LS20031 GPS reciever I ordered. There is no documentation on the LS23060 and I have not been able to get it to work.
    Has anyone been able to get the LS23060 gps to work with Arduino? Is it a 3.3V TTL reciever? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Don Anderson

  • Using the code last posted by Pedro I'm getting the following error:
    In function 'void loop()':
    error: expected `)' before numeric constant
    related to the line of code:
    val = ((msb) 4); /* LSB */
    Would anyone know of a fix for this?
    Also I'm assuming that the first line of code:


    Should read:


    How may I fix this error and have I included the correct library?