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  • I made the Hysteria video! I <3 you guys so much!

  • Now would be an excellent opportunity to look at the mechanisms by which we share the board designs. Right now there is no good (dedicated) solution.
    SparkFun and DIYDrones Store have some products with links to the board files in the bottom, but they aren't in any kind of source control, and any license notes are put in unseen layers in the board design.
    I (personally) use GitHub for any open source board designs I have (i really should go open source more of them when i have time). BUT! GitHub is less than ideal. It'd be great if we had a site (like) GitHub with version control with something like SVN/HG/GIT/choose-your-cvs-poison that was open-source hardware board-design aware.
    Integrate things like gerbv to generate images of gerberse, allow sharing (cloning/forking to use git terms) of CAM files, and let some CAMs be run server-side.
    GitHub provides wonderful easy version management, and forking/cloning and pull requests (social coding at its best!)
    BatchPCB allows us to upload designs and view images (on a webpage) of the layers and the whole.
    Can we create something in between?

  • Note from my experience with it:
    Careful plugging servos/etc into the inputs/outputs while the board is powered (and in general as well)
    I killed the output 1 of the MUX on the first day of really playing with it. I'm gonna have to hot-air off the old 74157 and put a new one on it.
    See diydrones forum for more info:

  • Reminds me of my Bus Pirate. It is my favorite AVR programmer for the moment :-)

  • I had the same problem as robomaniac; the JST connector 'glued' itself into the LiPo USB Charger JST connectors.
    Still havent managed to get them apart, but i damaged the battery wires trying :-(
    I'll have to get some JST connectors elsewhere in order to make this usable.
    (also, my battery says 900mAh as well)

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