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  • A kid I know ordered a bunch of stuff during free day. I had no idea he even know about Sparkfun. I never mentioned it to him. He's very talented at software development, that's for sure. I'm pretty sure he'll now learn more about robotics faster. So I personally know one person Sparkfun has helped for the positive. You're right, encouragement is important! But we gotta play our parts as grumpy old men :) So I'm going to give him this part and your code and see what he can do with it. Then we'll post what he has added to your work (if anything), just like you suggest!

  • Hi Dave. I posted my problem on this component to the Sparkfun Forum weeks ago and never got one reply. I've also tired to point out to Sparkfun that they'd do more to build business by spending time to properly support what they sell (like this component) then compare their web logs to Arduino and give away $100k worth of stuff. But this old codger's words have fallen on deaf (young) ears. Sparkfun--it must be a fun place to work! Guess I'm just jealous :)

  • WARNING. The wires are not robustly soldered into the interior of the case. After a couple of weeks, my white wire has already come off. I'll need to open it up and solder it back on. Before using I recommend you wrap a little electrical tape where the wires leave the container so the wires don't move. Other than that, the device gives a strong, steady beam. Also, I think you need to resister down your voltage if you're coming 5 volt from an Arduino or you may shorten its life. Hopefully someone else here can give a more specific recommendation.

  • Thanks Dave! I've been using the TPA81 and am very pleased with it. It also uses i2c but was easy to interface with the Arduino's 2-wire. The manufacurer also has an arduino sample WITH a wiring schematic. You can easily put a TPA81 into a board, etc. I hope to get to your code soon anyway. Thanks again!

  • I'm new to this stuff, but my experience so far is thus. The Arduino forum is full of people who take real time and care to help you use Arduino. The Sparkfun site is very nice looking, but has not been helpful in the stuff I've bought from them. For example, the MLX90614. The same goes for the laser. If Sparkfun focuses more on helping people use the stuff it sells it will have the same web growth as Arduino. Otherwise, I'm wondering why I don't just buy the stuff from Digikey. I don't think I'm alone. Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy with Sparkfun. I'm just not impressed. The new servers and web logs, though interesting, send a message that Sparkfun is more interested in its own projects than mine ;)

  • Awesomeduck, I got the BAA one from Sparkfun, which according to the datasheet, is 3V, single zone, standard package. There is a C and F for 35 degrees and 10 degrees field of view. I would have preferred the F, but for now, it doesn't make a difference since it's the least of my worries. Getting data out of these things does not appear trivial, as Ben121 pointed out!

  • Ben121, or anyone, could you post a full Arduino (I have the Duemiloaouve) sketch for the MLX90614? I just got one from Sparkfun. Or maybe Ben121 just needs his include filled out in his past post. I'm not sure which wires on the sensor go into which pins. Like he said, it's complicated (he ain't joking) and I'm hoping for an easy X-mas :) Thanks!
    As for the Fresnel, worst case scenario Sears is now selling IR guns for $20 and you could take one out of that. Otherwise, I'll soon be looking for lenses too!

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