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  • I am still concerned that these (and likely future) hobby meters are labelled as Cat III meters. On the post yesterday someone from sparkfun posted a message to the effect of "manufacturer can issue these ratings without independent third party certification" ... This does not seem like a responsible attitude for a company that deals with the hobbyist and DIY crowd. Cat III means that it can be used for high voltage 3 phase circuits close to mains -- this is what a hobbyist that googles for category ratings will find when he is wondering if he can use the meter to check out his dryer. At sparkfun you should hook these cheap meters up (incorrectly) to a multi-phase 240V (with a blast barrier and remote switch) and see if you would be ok holding one in your hands when it fails. If not, you should INSIST that your manufacturer put an ACCURATE rating on their meters. At the very least put warnings all over the ones you sell -- web site, stickers, packing flyers stating that it is NOT recommended to use these for Cat III work. Let me put it in business terms: contributing to the release of magic smoke from people is not good for PR.

  • These meters claim to have a "Cat III" rating. I seriously doubt these cheap meters have the high power resistors and fuses required for a Cat III rating. That makes them dangerous as well as suspiciously similar in appearance to Fluke. If you ask me the manufacturer should be eating the $30K (or at least the wholesale price) for trying to sell you "Cat III" meters that aren't actually designed for that capability. Does anyone have one of these and can confirm they do not have the high voltage ceramics and blast secured fuses required for such a rating?

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