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  • It might be a headache for Sparkfun support when the Arduino IDE version 1.5 finally comes out of beta and people start trying to use it with the Sparkfun Inventor's Kit. Maybe Sparkfun needs to make a RedIDE to go with the RedBoard.

    Also, you have "arduino.cc/en/main/software" printed in the SIK guide so you are vulnerable to them reorganizing their website URLs. The link should really go to something on Sparkfun.com so you are not relying on the Arduino team to maintain that URL and you have the flexibility to change it in the future and distribute your own version of the IDE.

  • I'm interested in generating beeps for this thing from a microcontroller. Unfortunately, the user manual doesn't document the audio protocol used, but I took a look at beep9.wav in Audacity. It consists of 5 sine wave tones. The start times of each tone are 150 ms apart, and each tone has a duration of 40 ms. The frequencies of the tones used, in order from first to last, in Hertz, were: 7953, 7795, 8397, 8175, 7970. So it looks like there are roughly four different frequencies, each 200 Hz apart from eachother, but that's just beep9.wav.

  • What do people think of the "First to File" patent reform bill from 2011, a.k.a. the America Invents Act?

  • It would be helpful if you could add a link to some good documentation of the V25 command set (the command set used by this device) because there is no such link in the datasheet.
    There is a very similar product for twice the price:
    Anyone know how this product differs from the DroneCell? I think the DroneCell doesn't have an audio interface, but it is easier to make connections to. Are there any other important differences in features?

  • Yes. After following the instructions in the included README.txt, you can run the programs by typing ./MaestroControlCenter or ./UscCmd.

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