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CastaƱeda Alejandro, PhD

Member Since: December 19, 2009

Country: Mexico


Programming Languages

Visual Studio 2010 (c#), Android (Motodev).


Febrero de 1999 a la fecha: Miembro de la Sociedad Mexicana de Instrumentación (SOMI) Miembro # 3221110 Noviembre del 2002 a la fecha: Miembro de la Asociación Mexicana de Mecatronica A.C. (Mecamex) Miembro # CE-118-006


Universidad Politecnica de Queretaro. Universidad del Valle de Mexico. Universidad de Guanajuato, campus Salamanca.


Embedded Telematic Systems, Robotics and automation proyects.




  1. Castañeda-Miranda, A., Castaño, V.M. (2017). Smart frost control in greenhouses by neural networks models. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 137, 102-114.
  2. Castañeda-Miranda, A., Castaño, V.M. (2017). Modelling of the dynamics of non-Radiative Energy Transfer in Tm3+, Tb3+: LiYF4- based electronic materials. Journal of Electronic Materials, 46, 1-5.
  3. Chavez, C., Fuentes, C., Brambila, F., Castañeda-Miranda, A. (2014) Numerical Solution of the Advection-Dispersion, Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, 16(6), 1357-1388.
  4. Castañeda-Miranda, A., Ríos, G.J., Meza, J., Ortega, J.A., Herrera, G., Trejo, M. (2014) A continuous production roselle (Hibiscus-Sabdariffa L.) dryer using solar energy, Electronic Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment (JFAE), 12(1), 96-104.
  5. González, A., Espinosa, F.J., Castañeda-Miranda, A., Bosch, R., Granados, X. (2012) Application of HTS BSCCO Tapes in an Ironless Axial Flux Superconductor Motor, IEEE Transations On Applied Superconductivity, 22(3), 5201004 - 5201007.
  6. Castañeda-Miranda, A., del Llano, L. (2006) A Novel System for Measuring Optical Properties in Arterial Blood of Man, Applied Bionics and Biomechanics, 3(2), 87-92.
  7. Apátiga, L. M., Castañeda-Miranda, A., Castaño, V.M. (2002) Selective oxidation of graphite on diamond films, Inorganic Materials, 38(1), 31-33.
  8. Castañeda-Miranda, A., Apátiga, L.M., Velázquez, R., Castaño, V.M. (2001) Micropositioning device for automatic alignment of substrates for industrial‐scale thin films deposition, Assembly Automation, 21(4), 336-341.

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