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  • Have to correct myself here. The RX lines seemed to work better, but where not sufficiently reliable in the end. Finally I realized that I needed to connect the ground on BOTH sides in order to get rid of the floating inputs. Did that and switched back to the TX lines, and everything works like a charm!

  • Thanks! This comment totally helped me, I can confirm what you described. Either we both misunderstood the description, or it is wrong.

  • Got mine today. Cable colors match description, but I checked anyways on the little PCBs, all seemed fine. I wired everything up as indicated, used pin 4 and 5 as clock and data using adafruits driver.

    When I connect 5V the first LED works (blueish color). When I connect the arduino, nothing changes, all LEDs stay off. Whenever I remove one of the cables from the arduino pins, the LED goes through a series of colors and then stops on an apparently random one. Same happens when I touch the cable (without disconnecting it).

    Does anyone have a clue what's going on?

    BTW, do I have to terminate them? What do they mean by "direction"? The product description is rather vague. In the description of the other WS2801 LED strips they say "Please see example code for termination explanation." but there's nothing in there!?

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