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  • Make sure that your serial line is 3 line interface. The chip default is 9600, n, 8, 1
    I just finished using this chip to make a WIFI interface for an LED sign that I'm going to use on my Christmas light show.
    A writeup on the project is at:

  • Hey!
    There's a schematic here... wonder what it has on it?
    So, where's my RTFM?
    Q2 answered, but not Q1, but more than likely from general ignorance...

  • I got one of these, and it has 4 contacts at the bottom of the board: VCC/GND, TX/RX... cool, but,
    1. If I put 3.3V reg. to the VCC/GND, should one of the LED's indicate power on? If not, UhOh...
    2. The chip wires up power a few different ways for various configurations: AlwaysOn, StandByEnable, DeepSleepEnable, etc... Which way is the shield wired up for?

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