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  • Me, like the rest of you guys tried feverishly for the second annual Free Day loot. Once again, the IP gods weren’t with me ! I spent two hours after a long night shift trying. Regardless, SF still provides us all with top quality gear along with awesome support and tutorials…..so haters shut it !
    BTW, I got to the first question….maximum digital pin input voltage for the ADXL 345 with a Vdd io of 2.0v.
    I selected 2.3v, but it never got entered into the quiz.
    Is that the right answer ?

  • Hey Nate, excellent tuorial. In order to get my setup to work with a ‘328, I needed to 'disable’ the CTS on DIO7 for both Xbee’s. Works great !!
    Can this wireless programming being adapted to work with PICs ?? I have done it with PICs and Basic Stamps, but that required a set of Ewave full duplex radio modems which are verry expensive and big. I way prefer the Xbee’s, but they are half duplex. Can it be done using your setup and tweaking the bootloader. I was thinkin' something like a 16F873..since I have a buch of them and Screamer v2 seems to support that chip.

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