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  • I have this version and I posted a comment to the current versions' comments. I can't seem to get this loading through Arduino. I have it all wired up and put together but the receive light remains on when I start the transfer and never goes off until a reset. Am I using the wrong settings? I'm currently trying settings for the Arduino Mini w/ ATmega328. I appreciate the comment on the last post by SFUptownMaker but I don't think it's the power switch as the board does turn on and off.

  • The power light comes on when the USB cable is connected, and I can see it do a soft-reset before attempting an upload. It's just sort of strange that the receive light never stops and the upload in the arduino UI doesn't ever say it's uploaded.

  • I'm having a difficulty uploading the compiled sketch to the board. Any hints on the settings to use? I currently am using Arduino Mini w/ ATmega328. I'm using the same /dev/tty.usbserial that I've used for my other Arduino. Any ideas? The board's receive light just stays on and doesn't upload in minutes.

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