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  • maybe next year we could have, say $10, winnings with a cap at $100 per person? This will allow for more winners, more orders for SFE, more bandwidth usage (as uncapped winners will continue to grab at the money), and of course more Sparks, Fun and Electronics. :)

    Thanks for putting this even together.

  • consider adding the following rule:

    "By participating in Free Day, you forfeit all rights to complain--on any medium--if you didn't win anything."

    and call it the 'No Winning, No Whining Rule'


    Good luck everyone; see you at the checkout queue.

  • Tip for the next version of this breakout board: "Put the pin label silk screen on the top of the device and not on the bottom of the board."
    The first thing someone will do is put headers on this breakout board and use it on a breadboard, then guess what, they will need to pull it out and look on the underside to confirm pin outs. Seems like a simple design idea, not sure how this item slipped by. I am sure there is a reason for it, right?

  • Thanks Spark Fun!!! much improved over last year...

  • Great format for free day; here are my predictions:<br />
    <br />
    1) Those that can gain access to the site and have been a long-time customer will get their just desserts<br />
    <br />
    2) Those trying to answer question to gain credit will kill themselves out of frustration due to service request timing out for 3 hours straight<br />
    <br />
    3) Some will win, some will lose, some Sparkfun cusotmers will sing the blues, but all will have something to comment about the event<br />
    <br />
    Thanks for another chance at free stuff.

  • Hi Chinwah,
    Given your explanation, I am a bit confused. As your explanation makes it sound like in the "FT232R" can't perform parallel transfers in Bitbang mode; but the article write-up above mentions tutorials and USB Parallel Interface. Should the article above remove Parallel Interface and keep SPI Interface? If not, can you give a use case where the FT232R can use its Parallel interface to perform some task?
    Thanks and sorry if my lack of knowledge on this topic seems puzzling, as I am a n???

  • So, does that mean that the "FT232R" can emulate a "FT245RL"? Or is USB to parallel different from USB to FIFO?
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  • Just came back from the event, talk about awesomeness overload, too much cool things to see. Going back tomorrow to catch all the things I missed. It was good to see SparkFun there, was hoping that you guys would have brought some more products to sell, like more kits and top selling components; But in the spirit of the even, the soldering classes and the SMD Simon project fit the event, even though the class filled up 2 hours into the faire. Maybe next time I would sign up sooner. All in all, a must attend event.

  • Pre-Free Day: Wow thanks SF, you are awesome!!!
    Post-Free Day: man, you !@#$%# SOB SF
    ??? ---Sometimes you just can't win...
    I got something from this free day, a broken F5 key...
    China, 1/4 of the world's population, and not a single item was won by someone in China. That's an interesting stat.
    I enjoyed Free Day, except for those moments when I realized I didn't get any goodies... awww.. just had one of those moments...
    What was I writing about again?

  • Hey, I am sure someone mentioned this before, but SF did have the following disclaimer:
    "Servers may become slow, there may be timeouts so please be patient."
    Also you have to love the Quote of the Day:
    "Not being able to navigate past the first page the entire time was AWESOME."

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