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  • WELP, this is a few months late from a different guy, but I can give some simple directions. On these, you'll find five microswitches (one in each corner for directions, then one on the shaft for the button) each with 2 NO contacts. Hook GND to one terminal of each, then hook a separate arduino pin to each of the switches on the other terminal. Then, treat each pin like a normal button. Remember that the switches are opposite the direction of movement (so down actuates the top switch &c.).

  • Just my two cents:

    1.) You can take off the restrictor plate (that green semi-rectangle) if you need extra space or something, and are going to use it with, say, fighting games. I just put the screws back into the holes and haven't had any problems. YMMV.

    2.) This will fit Sanwa balltops (I used: http://www.focusattack.com/sanwa-lb-35-balltop-white/). The fit on mine was a little loose for my taste (You can hold the shaft with pliers and get a tighter fit, but I didn't want to mar the shaft) so I used a bit of teflon tape on the threads. Works like a charm.

    3.) This is supposed to fit .250" quick-disconnects, but like czarvargo said, they are a bit loose. Solder works well.

    I really like this stick. Kudos Sparkfun.

  • Ah, didn't catch that. I stand corrected.

  • Ideally, this should use something like Tinker.it's TrueRandom library, which uses analog noise to generate a "True" random number. http://code.google.com/p/tinkerit/wiki/TrueRandom

  • Update: These things are amazing!

  • I may be a nerd for this, but I love the way they transliterated 'Micro Nippers' into 'maikuro nippaa'*.
    That's the way it's done, of course. I just find it funny.
    *that's the Katakana text above 'Micro Nippers'

  • So, just to be clear, this doesn't have to be for children, correct? Like it can be anything?

  • Oh, for shame SparkFun!
    "Make sure you're working in style next time you're in the lab tinkering with your Mass Hypnosis Device..."

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