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  • Radon undergoes alpha decay, in which it releases an alpha particle. This Geiger tube cannot detect alpha particles, only beta and gamma radiation. You need a Geiger tube with a mica window to detect alpha particles.

  • Uda does get mentioned in relation to the Yagi-Uda antenna quite frequently. The one I feel bad for is Viesbicke, the one who did most of the work used by the design handbooks for Yagi-Uda antenna.

  • Be glad you missed the storm that went through north of Colorado, through the Spokane area. We got something like 20" of snow in a 24hr period, with about 80" in a month. Hopefully it is not going to be that bad, good luck with getting rid of all of that snow.

  • The link to the datasheet is broken, can you please fix it? I am interested in using this product

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