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  • Ignore me - stupid moment!

  • This sounds really cool, will you be stocking the LED on its own?

  • You'd need quite a lot less than that. If you assume that Free Day will finish within an hour, you'd only need 3600. I would be tempted to do it for two hours i.e. 7200 assuming the servers break before everyone's orders are through!

  • Well, by the looks of the article - Eagle is preferred. If you look at the tutorials, they're all in Eagle, the schematics provided with many pieces of kit are generally a printout from an Eagle file.
    And they provide an Eagle parts library.
    I think that sums it up :P
    You can get a free version of Eagle that has a few limitations on the size of board you can build, but realistically if you're a beginner (or even a skilled amateur) you're not going to need larger board sizes. Most of the boards that SparkFun sell are pretty small anyway!

  • I was thinking about using this with the hot air attachment as a first step into surface mount soldering. What sort of packages have you soldered with it? I was looking forward to the possibility of doing QFNs
    Is it fairly easy to set up? - don't burn a hole through the board! :P

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