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  • Uh... anyone know why is there a jp12 & jp13 in the schematic, but I only see 5 2pin terminals in the BOM, and the extra terminals don't appear on the images of the board either

  • See I disagree here. I think what was happening is that the connections werent even making it to the server.
    I was using firefox and whenever I refreshed the status bar would say "Connecting" which I believe indicates that my browser is awaiting an acknowledgment that my request was recieved. So what I did was keep hitting refresh until it said "Connected" which I believe indicates that a TCP acknowledgment was received from the server saying it got my request. At that point once the request is sent and acknowledgment is received then the TCP connection is open and SHOULD be ok (aside from being bogged down by all the other people trying to initiate a conversation with the server, hence the 10 min page loads you mentioned). Now that TCP conversation is only 1 request to the server, so I had to go through 3 or 4 of those to get all the way thru order confirmation.
    I just had an interesting thought though... if everything past the cart page were done in AJAX, users could potentially have had a better experience. ie. even if the ajax request failed the cart page would still be displayed (less frustrating then error pages) and errors could be handled in the javascript

  • Well if you really want to bring things down the the level of "ascii peen's" then I'll be happy to oblidge... maybe they wouldn't have deleted it if you had made it pointing directly into the mouth of an ascii picture of yourself!

  • Technically it would have still been a "Free Day". Free (to a certain group) Day would still fall under the umbrella of a "Free Day". Free refers to the cost of the order, not eligibility. It didn't necessarily have to be free to everyone.

  • Come on man! If your grandma wants to use it, then let her! Don't take it from her just because you need it. Jeez, what kind of grandson are you! J/k
    The fact that your grandma got thru just proves that it was pretty much random and there's a lot of people that need to be grateful about what they do have, not what they expected to get. I mean seriously, if this was Christmas there would be a lot of people here with a lump of coal in their stockings.

  • I understand your pain, but hey think about this... a lot of this stuff is coming from China, and you are a heck of a lot closer to China then we are! I'm sure you could source a lot of what you need from there, at least until they open the SparkFun: Middle East Division

  • Well no... they didn't GIVE SparkFun $100,000. They purchased products... BIG difference.

  • Except for 1000 people?!? What did you expect everyone to just order an LED?
    1000 People * $100 = $100,000

  • Whiny posts are pathetic.
    You are making a post on THEIR site. They have the right to do as they please with it. Don't like it? Don't post!

  • Yup agreed... call whine-1-1 and get the wambulance over here. Oh wait... the wambulance is slammed today, its busy making runs to pick up all the other babies whining about how they didn't get THEIR free stuff.
    Oh and guess what... The event was not poorly planned, IT WAS A LOTTERY! It was a TCP/IP lottery. TCP connections were accepted at random (or close to it). Surely you aren't proposing that all the successful orderers connection's had some sort of priority over everyone else?
    Maybe next year Sparkfun can make an HTML page available for users to download & use in their browsers as the default for HTTP 408(Timeout) & 503(Service Unavailable) status codes. Make it say "Sorry you didn't win this time, please try again!" Perhaps then some of these grumpy people would realize its a sort of TCP/IP lottery game, and not a big conspiracy against them.

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