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  • Sure would be nice if the Rx/TX were inverted so I could get rid of these jumpers on my FTDI cable and plug this right into my bots. Please consider reversing in future boards.
    All in all this is nice board worthy of the sparkfun branding. minimal size. strait forward. easy to mod. Good documentation.

  • Yes you can save $15 if you already have an FTDI cable by using this instead of the regulated USB… but not if you wont RTFD. The TX/RX pins are inverted from FTDI so you will need to breakout your breadboard, or build up a jumper cable that swaps orange and yellow. Follow Nathan’s and/or ladyada’s tutorials for wireless bootloading. If you just want telemetry/command you dont need the remote reset line and its 2n2222 circuit - but you will not be able to program wirelessly without it.

  • Sure you could use this ports for something else. The motor controller output has a current amplifier and will drive more current than the arduino pin can if you dont limit it. It can also be commanded to reverse polarity (i.e. the +5V can also be commanded to -5V). IF you are not sure what that means. The LED tutorial should explain why these can sizzle your bulbs if you don’t pay attention.

  • Cool Idea.

  • As far as I can tell Im doing something unique to try to run a blimp drone with this, 4 IR sensors, 1 ultrasonic sensor, and a dual band motor driver. Any bread crumbs would be appreciated.

  • Yes you can use the arduino IDE. Its basically an arduino due without the usb and with some of the pins used for talking to IMUs and others reserved for things typically used with IMUs like a GPS and magnetometers. You can run other sketches too, or your own customized version of the base adruimu sw set but Id be interested to know who is using this in an application that is not flying. In a stripped down system it as the only micro controller that’s my goal for the blimp project im in the middle of) or you can hook it up to other micro controllers.

  • The GPS connector should be purchased with you GPS

  • Check out the forums on the Media-tek 3329 from DIYDrones.

  • Follow the link for “Manual” in the link above and it will walk you through initial setup and troubleshooting. Once you get the code running you can play with it while you figure it out.
    Hints:P If you want to first put BLINK on the arduimu first (just like any other arduino) LED pins on arduimu are 5, 6, and 7. Load the older arduimu_v1.7 with your FTDI cable. This will let you play with a cool telemetry tool that comes with the utilities (not compatible with newer _v1.8.1 output format?) This tool is nicer than using the serial stream in the arduino IDE and it has a pretty cool visualization that can be run with a bare arduimu. SAVE TIME (30s per reset to calibrate) by setting ENABLE_AIR_START 1

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