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  • These are really good. A pong game I made with these sensors

  • I was wondering if there a way/hack available where I can convert the composite video to VGA so that I can view the shield's output on a monitor? This would be helpful to demo a game I am working on.

  • I got mine 2 weeks back, tested it, works fine.
    Blinking red (fast pulse) means its not paired. Blinking red (slow pulse) means its trying to pair. When its paired, the green LED should light up.
    For me, when I searched for near by devices it was discovered as 'FireFly'. You might want to try this:
    Once discovered, pair and create a virtual serial port. Your bluetooth software should help you do this. Once you create the virtual serial port, remember the port number (eg. COM2)
    Then you can use terminal software like Realterm (for windows) to check if the module is RX/TX properly. Connect to the virtual serial port under 'Port' tab and 'Open' it. Realterm will try to connect Usually the Realterm console should just echo what you type. That means its all good.
    Something to remember: The terminal software tries to open the port to connect, so you would have to free the port by disconnecting (if your bluetooth software is already using it). So keep it paired but also keep the port free.

  • Hi, I had quick question about the headers used for this module.
    I soldered the female header (PRT-09429) to my custom pcb and used the right angle header (PRT-00553) to hold the module. But the right angle header pins do not seem to make good contact with the module.
    Is there a way I can secure the module without soldering it with the pins? I am just concerened about damaging the chip

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