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  • Your free day SUCKS!!!! Nobody can access the website, whats the point? Last year and this year the same.

  • Im trying to make my own LED lamp for my desk and I was wondering if these LEDs would be bright enough to substitute my desk lamp? Would I have to use the 25 of them? Appreciate any suggestion. Thanks

  • I got one of these last week, one of the last ones and I love this thing. My only complain is the Iron Holder. When you place the iron on the iron holder it doesn't stay in place and it moves around allowing for the hot iron to touch the plastic of the holder. In my case I have another iron holder which I will be using but other than that its a awesome station and for the price you cannot beat it.

  • Could someone who has picked up one of these stations tell me how hot the handle gets after like 10 minutes of using it. One of the main problems that I have with the iron that I have right now is that it gets super hot and you can't almost hold it in your hand. The insulation usually sucks in most irons so I wondering how it is on this one. I checked the similar models from Hakko and AOYUE and they all complain about this issue.

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