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  • SCAM. Like most got through twice, once the splash page said $5,195 free stuff given away, That was after 1/2 hour. Second time was after 1:10, and the splash said $16,480 given away. Next time I got through was after about 2 hours, and the splash page said all $100,000 was given away. Not real linear. Kinda looks exponential to me, all the while none of us could get through. Hmmmmm! I'm sure this will be another success for marketing. Us engineers always get screwed! BTW, I still placed an $80 dollar order. Definitely a marketing success.

  • 3H:19M and counting, and the site is already running pretty slow! ;-( I guess everyone is refreshing their cart, and making sure all they have to do is one-click to confirm order. Goooood Luck!

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