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  • A great story from a great man, and a great company. I’m proud to be a customer. Your EAGLE tutorials got me started with EAGLE, your AVR tutorials got me started with raw AVR, and your bite-sized (or is it byte-sized) tutorials are still great short reference links.
    One more thing: I’m not sure if this is intentional, but when you linked that group image, it linked to your amazon S3 account, http://sfecdn.s3.amazonaws.com, which seems somewhat open in that I could access any number of the files listed on that link. Looked like a lot of education worksheets and datasheets, nothing damaging, but still might be something to check to make sure there isn’t a larger issue there.
    Thanks again for all of the company’s hard work, keep it up!

  • Also, not to be picky, but I believe that you are “ensuring” that each bag is created equal, not “insuring”. Though it would be interesting for someone to make a claim that the bag he received was worth less, and demand compensation for it.

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