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  • hi, i'm a teacher, and i bought this iron for one of my beginning students (11 years old). i gotta say, i'm pretty disappointed. it gets the job done, but right out of the box the tip heats unevenly, the iron doesn't sit well in the holder, and the cord is painfully short. i like sparkfun and buy all the components of my new student "starter kits" from sparkfun anytime i'm teaching a new pupil, but this iron really doesn't seem any better than the old red weller that i learned how to solder on.

  • hey guys,
    i added the buffer to my mp3 trigger so i could plug it into a stereo, which worked out perfectly. i thought it might be useful for some people if i posted a picture of my layout—feel free to use it! it's unlabeled, but pretty intuitive. (ground runs down the middle)
    and here too:

  • does this come with a SD card installed, or must i purchase one separately?

  • i'm having so much trouble getting this board to work...ordered three of them, one dead out of the box, and the other shorted out from the unit's "no-eject" problem. (whenever the unit is ejected, the computer doesn't read the ejection, and gives you the same prompt over and over again. thus it cannot safely be ejected...i think this is how my device got totally trashed.)
    i'm trying to set this up as the audio component, such that when the box is opened, music starts playing. it should be possible to control button functions with external switches, but i can't even get the device working. grah!

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