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matt pinner

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Hackers in Residence - Sound and Motion Reactivity for Wearables

October 3, 2014

How to consciously wear light-up and and sound reactive clothing.
  • i cut mine into two 8x16 panels. seems to work great

  • a couple things:

    POWER: people are super concerned with the power draw of this thing. it isn't that bad, if plan for your final application. i'm displaying text, in colors, over about half the panel, so maybe 5% of the leds are even used at any given time. from there my colors and brightness knock it down another 5%. now, im looking at less than an amp at maximum and about to run the entire thing off this battery and parts for at least a couple hours. https://www.sparkfun.com/wish_lists/113501

    yes. it worked with a 3.7v battery (no boosting to 5v) and 3.3v data line from my teensy. good times!

    BENDING : How much can i bend it? meaning what is the minimum bend radius you'd suggest? do you test these for bend and rebend cycles? what if there is just bent once? how bendie is it? I made this by bending it around one inch tube while it was displaying, so if i over bent it i would know immediately. it glitched a couple times so i backed off. https://vine.co/v/eehDU29bYAl

  • would this be a practical solution to increase the length of spi lines. i only need output. my theorey wa to place one of these on either side like so:

    arduino -> spi -> rs485 -> [long cable run 100ft] -> rs485 -> spi -> ws2801

    or something similar. is there a better solution?



  • can this fio identify as a different usb device? id like one to show up as a midi device.

  • this one makes me happy.

    some phone and camera batteries have three contacts. can i still use this if im really careful?

    what would you suggest?


  • Are we having fun yet? YES!

    It is pretty boss having the SparkFun warehouse downstairs.

    Things are coming along nicely:

    • I've gathered a lot of data about various audio reactive solutions.
    • The pattern for the jacket is well underway.
    • I've mastered the Shake-On-Wake as a way to turn on my jacket without having any annoying power switches.
  • great ideas! i'm unleashing this blindingly bright delightful Goggly Eyed surprise : http://youtu.be/Mp5uZh5hDvg

  • Anyone else have trouble with these holding a charge?

  • I got this working like a champ! It is super sensitive. I've taken to learning about the microphone circuit and adding a switch with additional resistors so I can turn down the sensitivity for nightclub settings
    It turned out i had a few suspect solder joints. I noticed while attempting to test the microphone as Fearless Night suggested. The real trick was getting a high powered light and magnifying glass and really be sure everything was soldered nicely. The opamp on the mic was definitely not down properly. The easy thing there was to flux it grossly then let a little heat reflow it into place.
    This is a great kit and for my second attempt at SMD it is about as fool proof as it gets.
    thanks again for the continued support, Fearless Night!

  • please note that this item is slight different than that listed on the tutorials and product page links