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  • Is there anything test code for those trying to test the bus header?

  • Will there ever be a fritzing file for this part?

  • Anyone have a fritzing version of this part?

  • I finally got everything working. I used a logic level converter with 3.3v for the serial lines, I had to cut a em406 cable and check the datasheet pins as the em406 breakout board is incorrect for this gps. I used the serialsoftware example sketch for the arduino program and waited a few minutes for a fix. I downloaded the u-blox v7 software and was very impressed! I am now trying to update the firmware but don't know exactly what to do. Anyone know how to update the firmware on this guy?

  • I understand that the board is powered with 3.3v. Should I use a Logic Level Converter for the Tx/Rx Lines as well? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this gps and the arduino duemilanove or mega?

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