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  • Unfortunately, I can't seem to get to RyanD's write-up anymore, but it was a good one. Here is a slight modification of his code. These are great little storage devices.

  • I feel your pain Byron. To test fire this thing:
    red wire (pin 4?, who knows) +5
    black wire (pin 3) GND
    green wire (pin 2) a complete mystery, not needed
    white wire (pin 1) GND works (some low voltage) - apparently you can modulate this thing - haven't tried.
    Fortunately it seems to tolerate abuse - at least at 5v.

  • The product id for this board disturbs me:
    Don't think I'll be ordering one soon.

  • Comes with all 8 pin headers. You'll need 2 six pin headers and 2 2 pin headers. Good luck cutting the eight pin headers - these headers were never meant to be cut. This is really unacceptable.

  • So free day is over, and "raise prices forever" time is here. $4.50 - was $3.95? Remember ebay is your competition, and I'm willing to wait a couple of weeks extra for the product.

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