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  • Let the wild CLAPus start! (CLAP == Christmas Light Addiction Problem)

  • If you drilled a hole in this and got the right screw and nut, it'd make a great accessory for the tubes on the fancy helping hand. The nubs on the one with the headband actually fit them nicely, at least the one I've got does, but a proper mount would be good.

  • You might take a look at the LoL shield. It does the same thing. Essentially when both sourcing and sinking current via the ICs used, 74LS595 and ULN2803 respectively, there is enough current limiting in the system that current limiting resistors aren't necessary in this case.

  • Sounds like an awesome trip!

    Glad you're taking time to do a serious analysis of ERP.

    Found this bit on an Oracle ERP project via /. (you may have already seen it)

    Certainly a worst case scenario, but misrepresentation, most often due to lack of practical knowledge on the sales side, is unfortunately common in ERP sales. ERP is complicated, and on one hand the prevalence of this is understandable, but on the other hand when you end up with something useless due to incorrect information, it can really impact an organization.

  • Sounds like you need something with CRM, accounting and financial planning capabilities, not necessarily a full blown ERP.
    One quick question. Where in Enterprise Resource Planning are any of those words found? While ERP may use data from those functions, it doesn't really perform them well.
    If I may make a recommendation; find what you consider 'best of breed' for your CRM and financial needs, and then export as much data as is relevant into an 'unstructured' correlation system along the lines of Splunk. Structure where you need it, and flexibility where too much structure is a hindrance.
    I mention Splunk not as a recommendation really, but because I know there are some published integration tools for the SugarCRM and Siebel CRM packages, and can take in EDI and any other textual data format you have. It's great for graphing what happens to sales when the web server crashes, or any number of other traditionally 'loosely' coupled, from a data perspective, events.
    Good luck!

  • An ERP system sounds great. You have to plan, right? Well, problem is no business is a single system, and ERP systems are, or try to be.
    You can always tell a company with a serious commitment to an ERP system. They always have a consultant from said ERP vendor, or their partners, onsite at several hundred $/hr.
    You're creative, young, and agile. Simply put, ERPs are not. As a previous poster said, BE YOU.

  • One solution to an ATX PS that senses load before turning on, is simply to plug in an old CD drive or other computer hardware. I chose a CD drive because it's silent when not in use, unlike an HDD. Not as elegant as a power resistor, but it got the job done with parts on hand.

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