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  • If you find that radio beacon design interesting, check out VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Range). It gives the same data, but in a continuous and analog manner, encoding the bearing in a phase shift in the signal. Aircraft use it for navigation, at least if they're not using GPS.

  • Suggestion for the How to Read a Schematic tutorial: mention that op-amps aren't the only component which gets a large triangle symbol — not to list them all, but just to point out that the triangle doesn't mean op-amp (rather the triangle with + and - marks generally does). For example, the datasheet for a microcontroller (something likely of interest for your audience) might contain in its schematic for pin/port functions a Schmitt trigger, digital buffer, or inverter.

  • Er, yes. My bad.
    For anyone still confused: assuming you connect uniformly to the ends of a rectangular resistor, the resistance is proportional to the length and inversely proportional to the width (just like series and parallel resistors, respectively) ? so the scale doesn't matter; this material is 1 ohm per square anything.

  • Er, 1 ohm per square what?