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  • I understand that this giveaway was more aimed at the business end - get people interested in the site and such.
    However, I think the best thing to do would, of course after you guys make it back into some black numbers, make a new, similar promotion (perhaps at not so large a scale), limited to those of us stuck in high school or college.
    Timeouts have gained a whole new terrible meaning because of today ;)

  • man... I was trying constantly between 9:15 and 10:00 MST (my entire lunch period), got nothing but timeouts on two different ISP's (my phone and my school).
    Congratulations to those who got it, and at some point I'll be able to save up enough to actually buy what I was looking forward to. At least the rest of my day worked out for the better :)

  • Doctor Who: I must be missing something.
    Anything? Or do we have a preset spending limit? Obviously the site claims that we have (access)to "
    So I can select some of my favorite items, some of my probably expensive items, one or two say, and then I'll know?
    Point of fact I have selected about six.

    Anything. Buy as much as you'd like, you'll get $100 off. So, if you buy 2 $150 logic analyzers and a $60 soldering iron, you'd get charged $260 plus shipping.

  • This starts at 1600 UTC. You are 2 hours ahead? this means 1800, or 6:00 pm.

  • I haven't gotten the hardware, but just trying the software in wine would not work. Even if it did, the winehardware interface doesn't really work - drivers are not compatible through it.
    However, saleae seems to be working on a linux and mac version soon. Good.
    Worst case, there's always windows in a virtual machine.

  • Doing the math:
    1. Assume an order, to get to the free day confirmation screen, takes 100KB of data on average.
    2. Assume every single person who gets it uses their whole $100 - that's 1000 people.
    3. Assume that 1000 people are watching their clocks with their fingers (or their scripts) on the trigger
    4. Assume that those 1000 people have infinite bandwidth/zero latency connections.
    5. Assume the sparkfun line spikes to 100mbit as you say it can.
    The contest can end within 8 seconds.
    I submitted my guess, though I pushed it up a bit higher to take lag, human error, etc. into consideration.

  • Wow, finally a chance to get that logic analyzer I've been needing for so many projects... Thank you for making it affordable, with a bit of luck.
    Unfortunately, I'll be in school when it starts, so I can only make it to a computer when lunch starts, 15 minutes in. Unless the server's internet hideously slows down (and all the people with stuff in their carts don't snipe), I'll almost definitely miss out :(
    SparkFun is definitely the best online electronics store - I just wish I had discovered them sooner!

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