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  • Has anyone used this with the hotplate method? The melting point for this stuff seems pretty high. I've tried a few rounds with both a store-bought hotplate and one with a digital temp controller and have yet to find the sweet spot that melts the solder and doesn't burn the board.

    I know absolutely nothing about solder paste, but most other lead free pastes I've seen on the innerwebs are at most .5% Cu.. The Wiki page on solder has a handy table showing the melting points of different compositions: The only lead free ones they list even approaching this amount of copper are around 3% and those are for "radiator repair"..

    The only way I've gotten this stuff to melt is with my hot air rework station blowing around 300C.

    Like I said, all I know on this subject is my handfull of attempts recently and what can be gleaned from a few googlings, so I could very well be doing something wrong here. It would be nice to know if anyone else has had any success.

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