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  • You'll be educating the experts because nobody uses it.

  • This tau radians business seriously irritates me. tau isn't used by mathematicians, they have better things to do than to define new notation. Engineers certainly don't use anything besides degrees. There's not an instrument in my toolbox that measures stuff in tau radians (except a tape measure bent in a circle. It's inconvenient for mathematical expressions, since tau is already being used for proper time, time constants, torque, lifetimes, integration dummy variables, shear stress, etc... many of which show up with factors of Pi. Nobody uses tau, nobody will use tau, the whole thing just distances the engineering and scientific community from the coffee swilling ipad toting arduino lovin maker community. I completely understand the idea, the concept, how intuitive it is, but give it a rest. There are more important things to do... like not spending additional money to mark somewhat obvious markings + decoration on the size of brackets that come in 45 degree increments.

  • I have no feelings one way or the other towards the product, but I want to know what the hell these graphics chips are running on. It doesn't look quite like an FPGA... is it a fast microcontroller? Does this company have custom silicon? What he heck is going on here? Why do these companies feel the need to obscure what's ACTUALLY going on...

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