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  • What board we can use it with?

    An affordable one, because the "simultaneous M6E" is out of scope for me. I am looking for an 868MHz reader with good distance range.

  • 25cm also sounds good. But I am still confused. ST downgraded specifications from 50cm to 10cm? If ST only guarantees 10cm, but you get 25cm (2,5 times better), I think it will only work on very specific circumstances, is it? As nsa asked for, can you post a little video of it working at that distance?

  • I first was very excited about this new sensor. But when I investigated it I discovered you are incorrectly advertising it as a 50cm sensor when it is limited to only 10cm. This is the official web: http://www.st.com/web/catalog/mmc/FM132/CL2136/SC1934/PF260441?s_searchtype=partnumber And the original datasheet (79 pages), not the very limited version (only 4 pages) you posted: http://www.st.com/st-web-ui/static/active/en/resource/technical/document/datasheet/DM00112632.pdf

    Very disapointing to me. With a 50cm range it should have been a very usefull sensor, but a 10cm version does not make much sense to me.

    Can you correct it?

  • In description you say it has a 7mm D-shaped shaft, but it is 3mm. And wich reduction ratio is correct 26:1 (title) or 25:1 (features)?

  • Is it only 110V-60Hz American? Any 230V-50Hz Euro version?

  • Can you make a sample application with Arduino (or any other micro) related to robotics with this module?

  • If that's metal sheet, why do not send to a recycling factory? I like to see Sparkfun on "open source" but also on "green". Let's recycle!

  • Similar chips, like MCP23017, have also a limited total current allowed (125 mA into VDD for microchip version).
    If you really need that current then you can use trts or mosfets.

  • How can I connect this to the voice box shield?

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